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let’s make the time to meet:

starting at 150 USD

 if you live far away, there’s nothing quite like getting closer through epistolary encounters — text, phone, email — and of course, live video chat. 

starting at 100 USD

 i love being on both sides of the camera and make pics, clips, and all manner of bespoke creative content on request! 

starting at 1500 USD

i’m currently accepting bookings in my home city, new orleans, for my upcoming tour, and  ‘fly me to you’ dates! 

add 200+ USD 

you’re ready to go deeper into a deviant fetish, harder into a secret kink, or further with our lovers and friends .. and i’m ready for it all. 

starting at 4000 USD

yes, you can snap your fingers and make me appear! I can travel with as little as a week’s notice anywhere you’d like to take me — let’s jet!

starting at 4000 USD

allow me to play travel agent on your next adventure to new orleans — i’ll plan an experience for us to share and serve as your guide to my beloved city!


*some finer points to note: 

  at least three hours notice (to verify your screening information & confirm your booking) is required.

screening and deposit required without exception, starting at 300 USD

— deposits and donations accepted via cashapp, crypto, or certain gift cards only.

 our meeting place will be an upscale hotel or condo, and I am happy to book a venue in your preferred vicinity. 

 for those in my inner circle only (who i have visited with three times or more) I can consider meeting you at your residence. 


choose your adventure below: 

virtual visits

starting at 150 USD



thirty minutes / 250 USD

full hour / 400 USD


meet me from afar, discover our mutual chemistry, explore those desires that start best at a distance, while dreaming future adventures. 





initial consultation by phone or text: 150USD

full hour phone or text / 250 USD 


flirting and finding connection amidst the daily grind — a chat with me is a refresh, reprieve, and an invitation to plan future encounters.




erotic emails, read & reply / 250 USD 

staying in touch, daily / 150 USD


share your musings and longings with me over text or email. receive a thoughtful and tailored response within the hour for texting and within the day for email. let’s become more than pen pals.


creative content 

starting at 100 USD


3 images/100 USD


three gorgeous homemade photographs of me in states of undress: unsuitable for work but certainly for play. delivered directly to your inbox or phone. 



one minute video / 100USD


a candid, custom-crafted video of me in states of undress, visions of desire for your viewing pleasure.



three minutes of audio / 100 USD


my sweet voice, a gentle and direct whisper, erotic sounds and spoken words, straight to your pillow. 


dating ashley 

starting at 1500 USD


ninety minutes 1500 

two hours 2000

three hours 2900 





four hours 3800 

five hours 4000

six hours 4200 




take the day  (up to eight hours) starting at 4800

stay the night  (up to twelve hours) starting at 5500 

miss your flight (up to eighteen hours) starting at 6000


deviant desires 

add 200+ USD 



both members of the couple must correspond with me and screen. 

both couples must be aware of and agree to the date: no surprises. 

add 400 USD per hour



 if you are dreaming of pairing me with another escort, please connect me with your desired other over email, first. no surprises! or, schedule an initial consultation to share your preferences, and let me reach out to my friends and plan a date.  


as a former dancer, fashion & design student, and unrepentant exhibitionist, I love dressing up as much as I love undressing. if you would enjoy the chance to choose what I wear, please refer to my sizing chart and wish lists. you may bring the items to the date, or send a clothing/lingerie budget of 200+ USD with your requests in advance. please allow at least a week for shopping & shipping. 

to choose what I wear from my existing closet, or to model for you:

ADD 200 USD 



please schedule an initial consultation to discuss your desires so that we can be fully prepared to bring your dreams into play!

add 300 USD per hour


fly me to you 

starting at 4000 USD 



I’m passport ready —  with as little as week’s notice, I can fly anywhere you desire. I speak fluent spanish and liminal french, and of course, the universal language of sensuality.



3+ hr minimum date — donation 4000+

Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Hattiesberg, Biloxi, Mobile &c



my top five favorite cities 

4+ hr minimum date — donation 6000+



any nonstop flight destinations from MSY

  6+ hr minimum date — donation 9000+


multistop flights destinations, mexico or canada 

12+ hr minimum date — donation 14,000+


central america and the caribbean 

48+ hr minimum date — donation 24,000+


 across the pond —

72+ hr minimum date — donation 40,000+



+ full costs of flights, transit and lodging

due at the time of booking



meet me in nola 

starting at 4000 USD 



I’m enamored with this city and I want you to fall head over heels for it, too. Allow me to guide your travel and add some ease to your time here. Just send your travel dates and any strong desires, preferences or interests, and I will curate our time together into a cultural, aesthetic, and .. lets just say … embodied experience.


3+ hr minimum date — donation 4000+

for couples, double dates or groups:

please set up an initial consultation



+ full costs of  lodging + transit

due at the time of booking

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